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Zion National Park Oak Creek Utility Area Equipment Shed

While it takes vision to see the potential of a once beautiful historic home or commercial building that has fallen into disrepair, it takes exceptional vision to see the potential of a historic shed. The staff of Zion National Park displayed such vision when they decided to adapt four bays of an existing 1930s equipment shed for offices in the Oak Creek Utility Area Historic District.
The project challenged National Park Service architects to maintain the shed's historic utilitarian character while accommodating a new use with requirements that weren't always compatible with the historic structure. To meet this challenge, Park Service architects incorporated original vaulted ceiling space, exposed wood rafters and framing, and a native stone masonry wall into the new office design.
The problem of enclosing the open bays offered the opportunity to reintroduce historic features lost over time. Architects designed walls to resemble the historic hinged garage doors that once hung in the bays.
The success of this project resulted from a close partnership between Zion National Park staff, National Park Service regional architects, and the Utah State Historic Preservation Office. It both sets a precedent for future work in Zion National Park's four historic districts and reaffirms the National Park Service's commitment to wise stewardship of its historic resources.