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Washington County Historical Society

The Washington County Historical Society is a unique, county-wide preservation organization in Utah. The group is composed of representatives of the historical societies of numerous cities in Washington County who share experiences and strategies at monthly coordinating meetings.
The array of preservation projects undertaken by the local groups who make up the Washington County Historical Society is amazing. A few of the renovations completed in recent years include Relief Society Halls in Santa Clara and Washington City, the CCC Camp in Leeds, the Bradshaw Hotel and Hinton House in Hurricane, and the Hurricane Canal. In each case, the projects were completed by private citizens working through their local historical societies.
The impact of all these smaller-scale, local project has been cumulative. The work of the Washington County Historical Society has generated an atmosphere conducive to preservation and spilled over into major projects in the county, such as the Pioneer Center for the Arts in St. George and the Grafton Heritage Partnership. Together, the members of the society have taken the lead in a dynamic preservation movement which now includes private individuals, businesses, and governments in Washington County.