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Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Mt. Pleasant

After sitting vacant for over twenty years, an historic Denver & Rio Grande Depot is welcoming visitors to Mt. Pleasant once again. The City of Mt. Pleasant rehabilitated this 1891 depot to serve as a tourist information center and gift store on the Heritage Highway 89 corridor.
Over the years, much of the interior of the depot had been damaged by weather or stolen by vandals. The poor condition of the building and a limited budget, however, did not prevent the depot's sensitive renovation. The exterior of the depot was restored as much as possible to its original condition. The historic windows, doors, and siding were all repaired and repainted. A new wood deck was constructed to mimic the original loading dock.
Because of the damage to the interior, new doors and wood trim were custom-milled to match the originals and the walls were refinished with a plywood paneling that retains the appearance of bead board. The men's and women's waiting rooms were painted to match the historic color scheme while the freight room was left rough to reflect its historic condition.
The only remaining depot from the Sanpete railroad line, the Mt. Pleasant Depot was once scheduled for demolition. An education campaign conducted by local preservationists and a city government that understands the value of heritage tourism insured the depot's preservation as an important stop on Heritage Highway 89.