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Goodrich House, Salt Lake City

Ritchard Carlson inherited his carpentry skill from his father and his passion for historic buildings and design from his mother. The convergence of Ritchard's skill and passion in Salt Lake City's historic Goodrich House resulted in a breathtaking renovation.

The Goodrich House began to fall into disrepair as its previous owner aged. Ritchard, however, saw past the four-inch sag in the main floor to the house's exquisite historic finishes. After jacking up the floor, he cleaned and preserved the home's original gumwood beams, lincrusta wall coverings, built-in buffet, and wood windows.

Ritchard carefully replaced missing historic elements to maintain the house's historic character. For example, he rebuilt a missing stair rail based on the "ghost" of a long-gone banister on the wall. He selected historic fireplaces to replace those removed from the house. And he purchased hand-rolled wallpapers based on historic patterns to complement the design and purpose of each room. Ritchard also sensitively renovated the kitchen and master bedroom to improve their functionality yet retain their historic feel.

Ritchard gave equally meticulous attention to the exterior of the house. He restored the front porch, gently cleaned the masonry, and applied an historic three-color paint scheme to the wood. The backyard features a new pergola and half-scale Italiante-style playhouse. Ritchard even constructed an historically-accurate picket fence, with square pickets sliding into mortised rails, in the front yard.

Beyond preserving a lovely home, Ritchard's project serves a resource and an inspiration for any homeowner considering a renovation.