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Weber County Main Library, Ogden

The Weber County Main Library is one of Utah's finest examples of modern architecture. The 1968 building was designed by prominent Utah architect John L. Piers. Its furnishings were designed by the world-famous team of Charles and Ray Eames and produced by renowned furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. Over the last 36 years, the Weber County Library Board has made the stewardship of this remarkable building one of its highest priorities.

The library board and a dedicated maintenance staff created a system of ongoing cleaning, repair, and restoration designed to preserve the library's original specifications and luster. Ceilings, wall coverings, carpet, furniture, lighting - everything down to the brass light switch covers - are either original or purchased to match the originals.

When changes are required to accommodate modern library needs, the library board insures they are respectful to the building's design. For example, this new computer center was constructed preserving the original glass wall partitions and using exact replicas of original doors and fixtures. The board treats even projects that would be easier to consider as remodels, like the refurbishing of public restrooms, as preservation efforts.

It is unusual for a public board to maintain its focus on stewardship over an extended period of time. The commitment of the Weber County Library Board, however, has paid off in many ways. Although the library has welcomed more than 25 million patrons since 1968, many first-time visitors comment, "It looks like it just opened!" Moreover, the people of Weber County have saved the expense of constructing a new library building. The open, modern design of the Weber County Library and the board's ethic of stewardship will allow the library to serve the public for decades to come.