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Lisa Thompson, Salt Lake City

Lucybeth Rampton Award

The Lucybeth Rampton Award was established in 1994 in honor of former First Lady Lucybeth Rampton. Mrs. Rampton was a founding member of Utah Heritage Foundation and a lifelong advocate of the preservation of Utah's architectural heritage. The Lucybeth Rampton Award is presented to individuals who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to historic preservation and whose vision and activities have significantly impacted the preservation movement in Utah.

Lisa Thompson was employed at Utah Heritage Foundation from 1994 to 2005. She worked with six Executive Directors. One of her major projects for the first several years was the complete re-organization of the UHF easement program, which included over 100 easements. Lisa excelled in the area of heritage education. She published the first education publication The Kearns Mansion Mystery History Guide. Rare reviews were given by teachers, funders, and preservationists alike as the Mystery History Guide was held up as a national mode. Her next conquest was the publication of Building a Community: Teaching with Historic Buildings in Washington County, showing other counties how they can adapt teaching lessons and building tours to their locale. She created Historic South Temple Street Walking Guide and Historic Downtown Salt Lake Walking Tour. In the last couple of years Lisa has increased a larger role in UHFs major events, Heritage Awards and the annual Historic Homes Tour. Lisa now works for the Children's Museum of Utah.