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Moab City Center

The City of Moab wanted a building that consolidated all their government services in one location and that would serve as the Moab City Center. Moab's 1934 Middle School became just that. The two-story art-deco style building has terra cotta wall coping and pilaster caps, making it distinctive in this desert landscape and a truly magnificent building. What more, the city envisioned an attractive, energy-efficient building that would characterize Moab as a sustainable community.

To make this happen LEED Certification considerations became a huge part of the overall design and construction. The city installed a new geothermal heating and cooling system, shared with the adjacent building. LEED features also included efficient light fixtures and insulation. To minimize landfill waste 97% of the original building materials were reused. Renovation efforts also included the removal of the 1960s addition, window replacement, and restoration of terra cotta detailing.

The primary building entrances were made both comfortable and functional for all from the low seat walls, fragrant plant materials and secured bike parking. An innovative shared parking concept ensures that parking did not invade unneeded space beyond that already detailed.

The Moab City Center is a great way to see the community working together with the government to adapt a ‘diamond in the desert' into a municipal project that truly gives back.