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Lime Kiln, Ogden Canyon

Telling the story of pioneer era construction in Ogden doesn't start at a Fort or in downtown Ogden, but at a Lime Kiln up Ogden Canyon. The lime kilns provided lime that was needed in pioneer era construction. The kiln was used to super-heat the limestone that was quarried in the canyon, turning it into a white stone. The white stone was then pulverized and the lime powder which was used to make mortar and plaster.

The recent restoration of the Lime Kiln in Ogden Canyon is preserving a rare and unique historical structure and the other purpose was to create awareness about the history of the kiln. .

Before the restoration project began, there was little left of the original kiln. This made it hard to determine the original appearance to which it would be restored. To help determine the original appearance a lot of digging was done to find the footprint of the structure. Also, a few historic pictures were found to use as guides.

With most of the kiln needing to be restored, builders gathered additional material from surrounding canyons and nearby riverbeds. With many of the stones weighing 600 pounds or more, the building process was very slow. Only a few stones could be set on one day so that the mortar could set-up sufficiently and be able to hold the weight of the next stones.

With restoration work starting in 2003, many people contributed to the ongoing project that the kiln became. Finally in 2008 with the help of a RAMP grant, the Lime Kiln was restored and now features a plaque with educational information about the kiln and its role in Ogden history.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the award to the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce.