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Stanley F. Taylor House, Salt Lake City

Stanley Franklin Taylor purchased the property at 1812 West Temple in 1903. With the property being located just outside Salt Lake City limits, the exact date of construction is not known since no building permit was required but it is assumed that the home was built between 1907 and 1908 from research. Taylor and his wife, Matilda Sims, raised their six children in the home and descendants of the Taylors resided in the home until 1993.

Purchased in 2007 by the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City, this traditional Foursquare style building features a variety of design elements drawn from the several different styles that were popular in the early 1900's including Colonial Revival, Neo-classical, and Victorian. The housing authority wanted to integrate this home into a housing project located to the rear of the property and adapt its use as common space for the residents. To many involved, it was important to maintain the integrity of the design elements in order to retain the home's authenticity.

Seismic stability was a priority, beginning with the footings and foundation. New floor joists and a new roof were substantially upgraded or replaced as necessary. After painstakingly removing six layers of exterior paint without damaging the existing brick, installing new cedar shingles, restoring the original front porch columns, and replacing the entire front porch, the home that was so recently an eye sore is once again inviting and welcoming to everyone.

This home not only will be saved for future generations, but will hopefully be a catalyst for a historic neighborhood that is greatly in need of its presence.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City with a Heritage Award for the adaptive use of the Stanley F. Taylor House.