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Marsac Building, Park City

As one of over 230 Public Works Administration buildings constructed in Utah under various New Deal programs during the Great Depression, the Marsac Elementary School was constructed by 1936 to serve Park City's population with a first-class facility. Marsac School architects Carl Scott and George Welch designed more school buildings during the 1930s than any other architects in the state.

Park City Municipal Corporation purchased Marsac Elementary in the 1980s and renovated it to house city offices, the Park City Police Department, and the KPCW radio station. While the city preserved the building, some renovations were not sensitive to the original architecture such as a mechanical upgrade in which suspended ceilings were installed covering the top 2 1/2 feet of the 12 foot-tall windows. Mismatched doors, frames, and millwork had been added over the years and the interiors overall became uncohesive.

When the police department and the radio station relocated, the city seized the opportunity to upgrade to make the building more functional for city offices. Six new concrete shear walls brought the Marsac up to current seismic code requirements. The electrical and lighting systems were redesigned from the ground up with sustainability and the latest technology in mind. The mechanical system was replaced with a new ground source heat pump system consisting of thirty-three wells below the parking lot and twenty-eight heat pumps in the ceiling plenum.

This renovation was meant to honor the character of the original Marsac Building while providing an example of sustainable practices in building design and construction. While the original historic interior detailing was not something that was explicitly requested to be maintained, but most aspects were retained or replicated.

With the dedication of a city and community, this historic school on the hillside overlooking downtown Park City is now a better place to work and a better place to do business.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented Park City Municipal Corporation with a Heritage Award for rehabilitation of the Marsac Building.