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Avalon House, Helper

The LaPorte Group has been integrating historic preservation with urban renewal in Utah since 1999. They specialize in revitalizing cityscapes, including those of Salt Lake City, Ogden, and now more rural areas such as Price and Helper.

Built in 1907, Avalon House, previously called the Golden Rule Mission, served as an area homeless shelter. During the rehabilitation of the Avalon House, all major mechanical systems including plumbing, electrical, HVAC were updated while maintaining the historic appearance of the architecture and charm of the building. An elevator system was also installed to accommodate potential ADA residents. Like the Newhouse Apartments, Avalon House also incorporates solar technology and is Energy Star Certified, passing the benefits on to both tenant and community.

The Avalon House now consists of thirty-four studio apartments, each with their own kitchen and bathroom, providing transitional housing, case management, a soup kitchen and a thrift store to homeless and near homeless individuals and families in central Utah. Attached to the Avalon House are a full commercial soup kitchen and thrift store which provides free meals, and affordable clothing, and necessities to not only Avalon tenants, but also other individuals in need throughout the community. The coordinated services at Avalon House oversee, support, and assist residents to regain health, manage disabilities, learn job skills, and move to permanent housing.

Avalon House works closely with the Newhouse Apartments to assist their tenants in transitioning back into society. As tenants are stabilized at Avalon House, they are referred to the Newhouse Apartments as a low-income, permanent housing option.

Preserving our past is of the upmost importance to the LaPorte Group and has been shown through the renovation of the Newhouse Apartments and Avalon House. They have been a leader in utilizing solar power in Utah for over ten years and have incorporated the technology in multiple projects throughout Utah that provide much need services and exemplary preservation for historic buildings.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented the LaPorte Group with a Heritage Award for the rehabilitation of the Avalon House.