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Walker Center, Salt Lake City

The construction of the Walker Bank Building was front page news in 1912. The sixteen-story skyscraper was the tallest building in the Inter-mountain West. Built for the Walker Brothers this building was a symbol of the wealth four brothers amassed with their mercantile business and banking operation. Located in the heart of downtown the Walker Bank Building is known not only for its historic architecture, but for the signature sign that lights up to tell Salt Lake City residence the local weather forecast.

In 2005, Vectra Management took on a five year project of rehabilitating the historic Walker Bank Building. They wanted to take this signature building and turn it from low-occupancy, low-rated office spaces to competitive Class A office space right in the heart of downtown. The first step of their project was to list the building on the National Register of Historic Places. Using historic rehab tax credits the project was submitted in phases that allowed for continual occupancy of the interior space.

The first phase included replacing and installing new mechanical, electrical, and fire systems. Next, work started on the street level both exterior and interior; outside, replacing the old street canopy with something historically accurate, and inside, opening up the bank lobby to be two stories like it was originally. Moving from floor to floor, each space was quickly leased as the renovation continued. The project included historic double-hung, functioning windows that have turned out to be an unexpected selling point for many of the building's occupants.

The recent rehabilitation of the Walker Center has shown that the historic Walker Bank Building a still a desirable place to work and do business in Salt Lake City. However, the highlight for most residents is the replica of the original lighted Walker Center sign that was once again atop the Walker Bank Building.

Utah Heritage Foundation presented Vectra Management with a Heritage Award for the rehabilitation of the historic Walker Bank Building.