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229 M Street

In March 2014, a Utah Heritage Foundation Statewide Fund Loan for was approved for the property located at 229 M Street, Salt Lake City.  This one-story Victorian cottage is a contributing property to the Avenues Historic District and is similar in style to its neighbors at 217 and 221 M Street.  Previous owners included Supreme Court Justice D.N. Straup.  Mrs. Straup served as the president of the Ladies' Literary Club among other clubs in Salt Lake. 

While this home was not is a state of total disrepair, the funds were used to rehabilitate the front porch and recreate the original look of the home’s front facade using historic photographs.  The project paid attention to all the fine details included in the original photograph including replacing the iron railing and supports with a new wood railing, replacing the deteriorating tongue and groove floor boards with new wood, and replacing the lower porch material with lattice work.  The front corner of the porch needed some stabilization so the contractor started by pouring some footings.  Staying true to the look of the original porch also meant replacing the concrete stairs with new wood composite stairs.

In addition to the porch work, the front façade brick was cleaned, the paint from the lintels was removed, wood storm windows were installed, a restored front door was installed, and the original fan window in the gable was uncovered and returned after being stored away in the attic by a previous owner.

Although this property did not undergo a restoration, the impact of the work completed on the front façade shows a significant transformation that is not only great preservation but has the potential to spur more preservation in the surrounding area. 

Utah Heritage Foundation introduces this new category for our Heritage Awards for those homeowners that that take on the smaller projects, but they are the type of projects that have neighbors taking notice.