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Nathan Porter House

Built in 1915 for Nathan T. and Anna Porter, the one-and-a-half story Arts and Crafts bungalow sits on a park like setting of 1.6 acres. Thanks in part to previous owners of the house, it retains many the unique architectural details found Arts and Crafts homes. It has a large porch, quarter-sawn oak box-beamed ceilings, wainscoting, an inglenook with bench seats, built in bookcases, and buffets with leaded glass windows just to name a few.

After two and a half years of house hunting and find just the "right" place, Adam and Chelsea Stevenson walked into the home and were greeted by a kitchen that had seen its most recent renovation back in the '60s and a home filled with cobwebs, clutter, grime and layers of dust on everything. But what all this could not hide was beautiful woodwork throughout. They immediately recognized the old home's possibilities and decided to buy the property.

It has not always been an easy - one of the first projects was laying new floors. As part of the project, the floor vent cover was removed and cleaned. Chelsea went to work dusting all those beautiful wood cabinets and surrounding walls. As she stepped back to admire her efforts she fell through the vent hole landing on top of the old furnace in the basement below. After her husband (who is a physician) checked her for broken bones and she took some ibuprofen for a very sore arm and shoulder, he said "It's a good thing it's not your scrubbing arm so now you can get back to work."

With a lot of work already completed they admit there is still a lot to be done. Yet, the dedication of the Stevenson Family is evident as Chelsea takes visitors through her home and proudly showcases the architectural details and the rich history. Their efforts are a fitting tribute to the original craftsmen.